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African Union

Popular Tour Packages for Touring the Capital City of Madagascar

Madagascar in home to unique wildlife and beautiful flora and fauna. This island paradise is often known for its safaris, but its capital city, Antananarivo, exudes charm and beauty. This overlooked gem is full of gorgeous sites and warm, inviting people. These are the best tour packages for touring Madagascar's capital city....(more)

Big, Printable Maps of Africa

The continent of Africa is the second largest in the world and contains 54 countries. As a good study tool for yourself or your youngsters, go into the links below to find printable big maps of Africa. See how much you know of the geography of this massive continent....(more)

Essential Travel Tips for Visiting North Sudan

Sudan is not a country populating the majority of travelers' must-visit lists. The war-torn country is ravaged by civil war and terrorism, making it relatively impossible for a thriving tourist industry. However, if you must travel to North Sudan, carefully follow these essential tips for traveling safely....(more)

Top Tourist Attractions in Monrovia, Liberia

From vacationing to working in Monrovia, Liberia, you have a variety of interesting locations to visit while you stay the city. Whether you enjoy wandering museum halls or watching cultural shows, check the list below for a few points of interest in Monrovia....(more)


Non-profit Job Opportunities in Africa

If you are interested in working abroad and making a difference, consider a non-profit job or long-term volunteer opportunity in Africa. Receive training, connect with others from around the world and create a lasting impact in your chosen community....(more)


Ramadan Dates and History

Ramadan is a major religious holiday of the Muslim religion. It is observed during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and coincides with the month during which most Muslims believe that the holy text, the Quran, was revealed to them. Understanding Ramadan is a major tenant of Islam, and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which makes up the religion. Below is a brief introduction to what Ramadan is, and the dates that it occurs....(more)

African Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is central to Africa's culture. It is also influential across the world. Many large and small galleries are located throughout Africa displaying the works of African contemporary artists. Tours are also available for visitors interested in viewing African contemporary art and gaining insight into the lifestyles of the continent's leading artists....(more)

Popular African Proverbs and the Meanings

Proverbs are short, memorable sayings that sometimes offer advice for living. Because most proverbs come from real-life scenarios, they are often particularly relevant to the culture from which they are derived. At the same time, however, they manage to convey a universal truth that has wider application. Some of the best known proverbs come from Africa. Here is a list of five popular African proverbs....(more)

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