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Wild Stories About Somali Pirates

There are plenty of images of Somali pirates with automatic weaponry on the news, but no image does justice to the wild stories surrounding the modern-day pirates. Check out some of these fascinating true stories about Somali pirate hostages, hijackings, rescues and trials....(more)

Understanding the Threat of Somalian Pirates

Somalian pirates are one of the most dangerous groups of people in the world. You have no doubt heard stories of their atrocious actions in the news, and are probably curious as to how they do their activities, and why. Somali pirates face many limitations and pose many threats which you are possibly not aware personally....(more)

Facing the Facts About Somali Pirates

It is a grim truth that Somali pirates continue to disrupt and divert traffic along the Horn of Africa. These pirates rob ships and people and even kill to accomplish their thefts. Somali pirates also continue to hold people hostage who they have captured from commercial ships and private boats. Once again, money is their motive; this time in the form of ransom money. The following are some facts about these pirates from Somalia....(more)

Somali Pirates: Violence on the High Seas

Led by Johnny Depp, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series reignited the public's love of sea-faring thieves. The idea of pirates still existing in modern day seems comical, but maritime piracy is still very much a reality in certain areas of the world. The number of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia accounts for the bulk of maritime attacks....(more)


Romantic Things To Do In Cape Town

For couples wanting a romantic vacation to South Africa, Cape Town is an excellent choice. Here is your guide to the most romantic things to do in Cape Town. ...(more)

Five Popular African Athletes

The Olympics are upon us. What better time to do a roundup of inspirational African athletes? Here are some of Africa's most popular and talented athletes....(more)

6 Experiences For Creative Travelers In Johannesburg

Despite its turbulent history, Johannesburg has come a long way, especially in terms of arts and culture offerings. To help you plan a creative itinerary, here are some top suggestions. ...(more)


Mauritius Travel Guide

In the Indian Ocean is a small island that is frequented by tourists because of its wide range of natural and manmade attractions. In fact, it is considered one of the world's top luxury vacation destinations. This small island is the island-nation of Mauritius. For three consecutive years starting, 2011 to 2013, the World Travel Awards has awarded Mauritius as the world's leading island destination. If you would like to explore this island, a Mauritius travel guide would be very useful....(more)

The Most Famous Ancient Egyptian Sites to See

Egypt is a land of many ancient wonders. A trip to Egypt is perfect for making memories that last a life time. Below are a few links to Egyptian sites that cannot be missed on your trip to the land of the pharaohs....(more)

Popular Tourist Attractions in Morocco

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, you are probably curious as to what are the more popular tourist attractions available. Morocco is a great place to admire ruins from antiquity, experience the grandeur of the natural wonders or just do a little shopping and relax. Even though there are many interesting attractions, there are some which are more popular among tourists than others....(more)

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